Photos by Aaron Flores of AF Imaging, LLC.

Aaron Flores has been a professional photographer since 2008. His passion began in middle school when he found himself taking a photography class by accident. After that he knew he would strive to make photography his career.

Beginning his career working on film and televsion sets, he learned the fundamentals of lighting and soon began experimenting with various lighting techniques.

In 2010 he found his niche. Starting as a real estate photographer, he got his feet wet and began learning how to apply his lighting & photography skills to both interior and exterior architecture. 

He began in his home state of Arizona working throughout the southwestern United States. He has been published multiple times in magazines such as "Florida Design", "Luxe", and "Luxury Home Magazine". He moved with his wife to central Florida where he now resides. He contineus to work with prolific Builders, Architects, Interior Designers, and Luxury Real Estate Agents.


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Email Aaron at  AF@amflores.com  or Call 480.229.8919

Email Aaron at AF@amflores.com or Call 480.229.8919